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The majority of web traffic comes from 3 main commercial search engines; Google, Yahoo and Bing. When people go online to find information they are looking for these search engines produce a set of results based on the keyword or set of word the person uses. The most relevant results based on the users query are what’s presented on the first page of the search results. While each of the major search engines have their own set of algorithms for how they rank web pages there are some common methodologies behind their logic. The service that a search engine provides is only as good as the quality of results it produces when someone does a search. Websites with old, outdated or irrelevant content don’t stand a chance online.  This is why it is so important that organizations keep their websites up to date, well designed using the most current best practices and ensure that their users have the best possible experience on their site. Sites with relevant, fresh content that focus on usability, quality design and strong conversion paths on their sites generally have a much better chance of success when it comes to a successful SEO or search engine optimization campaign. Many of our customers throughout the Dallas, Fort Worth and Grapevine marketplace who have engaged our service have seen amazing results.

The road to success doesn’t stop there. Search engines are smarter than ever and have made advancements in incorporating both on-site activities (content optimization) along with off-site search engine optimization activity such as link building, social media engagement, usability factors (site navigation) as well as analytics (bounce rates, time spent on site, conversions). All of these factors make up just a small piece of the ever changing landscape of search engine behavior.

Post Push Media has been helping companies of all sizes from all types of industries throughout the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex as well as across the United States gain greater visibility online through very well thought out search engine optimization campaigns. Our first step is to fully understand your business and the products and services you sell and then take a seat in your customer’s chair to understand how they behave online so that we can directly align our goals to help drive them to your website.

Put simply: If you site is not found in the first 10 listings, odds are that it is not going to be found.


Our dedicated team of nearly 150+ have worked on nearly 5000 projects over the last 9 years and have worked with some of the most well known brands in the world.

Because of our unique ability to combine search engine marketing with, design, website architecture and usability Post Push Media has the resources your company needs for your website to truly succeed online.

Our SEO team is Google Ad Words Certified and Google Analytics Certified and are also Accredited Microsoft Advertising Professionals.

At the heart of any of our search engine optimization campaigns include the following key elements which may be changed or modified depending on the work your website has already had and whether or not specific design or coding changes are needed to ensure we are able to accomplish our goals.

Creating unique and relevant page titles

Utilization of Meta (description) Tags throughout the site

Optimizing your navigation and URL structure

Creating meaningful content including images, anchor text and the appropriate use of heading tags

Optimizing robots.txt to ensure that the “spiders” can crawl your pages

Promoting your website through ethical Link Building initiatives

Implementing best practices in website design and development

Mobile Website Development to reduce the bounce rate from mobile devices

Understanding what your website statistics mean (Google Analytics)

At Post Push Media we pride ourselves on being a locally owned and operated Denton, TX based company with customers from throughout the Dallas, Fort Worth metroplex and across the US! So please take a couple of seconds to get in touch with us today about your project and see the difference in working with a company that understands what it takes to create online success. Whether you live in Dallas, Fort Worth, Grapevine or anywhere else and are looking for best in class seo service or also referred to as search engine optimization service give us a call today.


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